ISEC 2001
Radiation Belt Science and Technology
July 23-27, 2001
Queenstown, New Zealand

Notes for Travelers from the USA

May 2, 2001: Now is a good time to purchase airline tickets... United is offering low airfares on flights from the West Coast to Auckland; for example: LAX-AKL, 7/19/2001-7/28/2001, roundtrip, US$841, from (compared to US$1241 on Qantas). Also, Auckland-Queenstown flights are available for approximately US$220 roundtrip by phoning Air New Zealand at 1-800-521-4059 (compared to US$650 from the Air New Zealand web site!). By phoning Air New Zealand you can make a reservation which can be held until your international flights are confirmed.

May 4, 2001: The United fare mentioned above is not available today.

May 8, 2001: If you have not yet made your flight reservations consider making them as soon as possible. Auckland-Queenstown flights are filling up. Phoning Air New Zealand at 1-800-521-4059 is a good option for booking New Zealand domestic flights. Provided your international flights are with Air New Zealand or United, Air New Zealand will hold your domestic reservation while your international flights are confirmed.

May 10, 2001: For USA-NZ travel has some "bargain fares" and Austravel is worth checking.

For NZ domestic flights: New Zealand travel agent Stephen Ward can make e-ticket reservations:

Stephen Ward
Vincent George House of Travel
342 George Street, PO Box 73
New Zealand
Phone: 64-3-471-9456
Fax: 64-3-471-9458

Note that New Zealand Time = Central Daylight Time + 17 hours

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