ISEC 2001
Radiation Belt Science and Technology
July 23-27, 2001
Queenstown, New Zealand

Meeting Schedule

The name of the presenter is shown in italics. Please see the abstracts for more information about each talk.

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Sunday, July 22

5:00-7:00pm   Registration

7:00-9:00pm   Reception   Drinks and canapes at the Millennium Hotel

Monday, July 23

8:30-9:00am   Registration

  Maori Welcome and Challenge   Queenstown Maori Concert Group
  Opening Remarks   Anthony Chan

9:30-10:20am   Session Chair: Geoff Reeves
  The climatology of the Earth's high-energy electron environment
  D. N. Baker, S. G. Kanekal and X. Li
  Long term observations of radiation belt electrons by STRV
  P. Bühler, E. Daly and A. Zehnder

10:20-10:45am   Break

10:45-Noon   Session Chair: Paul Bühler
  Correspondence between energetic electron events and the parameters of the near-Earth

  T.P. O'Brien, R.L. McPherron, G.D. Reeves and R. Friedel
  Magnetic field variations at geosynchronous orbit and its relations to relativistic electron flux
  during storm time

  Tsutomu Nagatsuma and Takahiro Obara
  Long term measurements of MeV electrons by SAMPEX and quantitative prediction
  of MeV electrons at geostationary orbit using solar wind as the only input

  Xinlin Li, M. Temerin, D. N. Baker, S. G. Kanekal, G. D. Reeves and D. Larson

Noon-1:30pm   Lunch

1:30-2:45pm   Session Chair: Dan Baker
  Multi-MeV ion injections into the inner magnetosphere associated with shocks and magnetic
  storms, based on observations from Polar, HEO, and SAMPEX

  K. R. Lorentzen, J. E. Mazur, M. D. Looper, J. F. Fennell and J. B. Blake
  The ion composition of the ring current during quiet and disturbed periods. Measurements
  from the CRRES spacecraft

  A. Korth, R.H.W. Friedel and F. Frutos
  Relation between Dst and relativistic electrons during magnetic storms
  M. Grande, M. Carter, C. H. Perry, J. B. Blake, J. Fennell, R. Nakamura, G. D. Reeves

2:45-3:15pm   Break

3:15-4:30pm   Session Chair: Kirsten Lorentzen
  Observations of relativistic electron coherence as a function of energy, L-shell, and pitch angle
  G. D. Reeves, R. H. W. Friedel, K. L. McAdams, and T. E. Cayton
  General Discussion
  Discussion Leaders: Manuel Grande and Xinlin Li

Tuesday, July 24

9:00-10:15am   Session Chair: Richard Thorne
  Radiation belt particle acceleration by ULF wave drift resonance
  M.K. Hudson, K.L. Perry, W.J. Wiltberger and S.R. Elkington
  Radiation belt transport theory using phase-space Lagrangian methods
  Anthony A. Chan and Alain J. Brizard
  Simultaneous simulation of the global (MHD) magnetosphere and radiation belt (kinetic)
  energetic ions and electrons

  C. Goodrich, M. Hudson, J. G. Lyon, M. Wiltberger and S. Elkington

10:15-10:45am   Break

10:45-Noon   Session Chair: Michael Wiltberger
  Numerical simulation of steady state proton, positron, isotope ion radiation belts and of a
  sudden creation of transient helium radiation belt during geomagnetic storms

  G. I. Pugacheva, W. Gonzalez, A. A. Gusev, U. Jayanthi, I. M. Martin, D. Boscher, S. Bourdarie
  and W. N. Spjeldvik
  Magnetic field models for studying radiation belt dynamics
  Frank Toffoletto
  Nonadiabatic behaviour of particles near the dayside magnetopause
  Kaan Ozturk, Anthony A. Chan and Richard A. Wolf

Noon-1:30pm   Lunch

1:30-2:45pm   Session Chair: Jay Albert
  Global MHD simulations of magnetic storms driven by magnetic clouds
  M. Wiltberger, M. K. Hudson and J. G. Lyon
  Mapping the radiation belts: Frequency distribution functions
  Norma B. Crosby
  Stormer's allowed and forbidden regions for a northward and southward interplanetary magnetic field
  Joseph Lemaire

2:45-3:15pm   Break

  General Discussion
  Discussion Leaders: Mary Hudson and Richard Thorne

Dinner and Poster Session
  4:40pm   Assemble in the Millennium Hotel lobby for the walk/ride to the Skyline Gondola
  5:00pm   Take the Skyline Gondola to the Skyline Restaurant, Wakatipu Room
  6:00pm   Dinner buffet in the Wakatipu Room
  7:30pm/After Dinner   Poster Session begins  Poster Session Chair: Craig Rodger
  9:30pm   Poster Session ends

Wednesday, July 25


Thursday, July 26

9:00-10:15am   Session Chair: Richard Horne
  The role of ULF and VLF waves on non-adiabatic radiation belt dynamics during storms
  Richard M. Thorne
  On the relationship between cross L-shell Pc5 ULF wave power and storm-time relativistic
  electron flux enhancements in the outer radiation belt

  I. R. Mann, R. A. Mathie, R. H. A. Iles and A. N. Fazakerley
  Radial diffusion in a non-axisymmetric magnetic field: Towards a generalized theory of radial

  S. R. Elkington, A. A. Chan, M. K. Hudson and I. R. Mann

10:15-10:45am   Break

10:45-Noon   Session Chair: Xinlin Li
  Testing relativistic electron acceleration mechanisms
  J. C. Green and M. G. Kivelson
  Rebuilding of the outer radiation belt during the recurrent magnetic storms - Non-adiabatic
  acceleration by wave-particle interaction

  Y. Miyoshi, A. Morioka, T. Obara and T. Nagai
  Nondiffusive electron acceleration from resonant VLF waves
  Jay Albert

Noon-1:30pm   Lunch

1:30-2:45pm   Session Chair: Scot Elkington
  Pc5 hydromagnetic waves in the middle magnetosphere: Modulation of Pc1 ion cyclotron
  waves and the role of medium energy ions

  B. J. Fraser, Y. D. Hu, A. Korth, H. J Singer and D. A. Hardy
  Determining the size of lightning-induced electron precipitation patches
  Mark A. Clilverd, Craig J. Rodger, David Nunn and Richard L. Dowden
  Chorus emissions in the vicinity of the outer radiation belt correlated with magnetic storm
  Yoshiya Kasahara, Hiroki Uchiyama, Yoshitaka Goto, Toru Sato and Isamu Nagano

2:45-3:15pm   Break

3:15-4:30pm   Session Chair: Brian Fraser
  Electron loss and acceleration in the outer radiation belt associated with whistler mode
  chorus and enhanced substorm activity

  Richard B. Horne, Nigel P. Meredith, Roger H. A. Iles, Richard M. Thorne, Roger R. Anderson
  and Daniel Heynderickx
  General Discussion
  Discussion Leaders: Richard Horne and Ian Mann

Friday, July 27

9:00-10:15am   Session Chair: Michael Golightly
  Early results from the Compact Environmental Anomaly SEnsor (CEASE) on TSX-5
  Kevin Ray, Wallace Turnbull, Don Brautigam, Bronislaw Dichter and Robert Redus
  In-flight discriminating Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT): Design methodology
  M. Cyamukungu and J. Lemaire
  Results of radiation monitoring on the International Space Station and associated biological risks
  Mark Weyland, Edward Semones and Mike Golightly

10:15-10:45am   Break

10:45-Noon   Session Chair: Joseph Lemaire
  X-ray observations of relativistic electron precipitation
  R.M. Millan, K.R. Lorentzen, R.P. Lin and D.M. Smith
  Akebono radiation belt map and its application for space weather
  Takahiro Obara, Yoshizumi Miyoshi and Akira Morioka
  Parameterization of relativistic electron losses using GPS and HEO measurements and application
  to the Salammbo radiation belt code

  R. H. W. Friedel, S. Bourdarie, J. F. Fennell and T. Cayton

Noon-1:30pm   Lunch

1:30-3:00pm   Session Chair: Axel Korth
  Radiation belt science objectives for Living With a Star
  B. L. Giles, R. A. Hoffman, J. L. Barth, B. H. Mauk, L. J. Zanetti, and G. D. Reeves
  General Discussion
  Discussion Leaders: Dan Baker and Geoff Reeves

3:00-3:05pm   Wrapup   Anthony Chan

Lake Cruise and Conference Banquet
  3:25pm   Assemble in the Millennium Hotel lobby for the walk/ride to the Steamer Wharf.
  3:40pm   Check in at the Steamer Wharf for a Lake Cruise on the TSS Earnslaw.
  4:00pm   TSS Earnslaw departs.
  5:30pm   TSS Earnslaw returns. Drinks and Conference Banquet at the Boardwalk Seafood
               Restaurant and Bar
, Steamer Wharf.

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